KungFu Podcasts

A program designed to explore the Culture, Adventure and Impact of Martial Arts.  I takes us through current events, current research, legends and the one's history and magazines glossed over.

Supporters of this program are well respected across styles, systems and training motivation.  Be part of the audience of some of the sharpest and finest martial artists in the world.

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My Martial Arts Center

Authorized to teach since 1997, my training facility in Raleigh, NC was established in 2004.  Developed with a boot-strap and sweat equity model, the TW. Smith Martial Arts Center supports :

  • Chinese Martial Arts
  • Tai Chi and QiGong
  • Escrima
  • JuJitSu
  • Kenpo

If you are coming to NC, it would be a pleasure to have you stop in.  Train with me for a day.


Voice Acting

Through teaching in public schools, coaching athletics, podcasting and being a martial arts instructor, I learned that telling a story and communicating a message in a variety of ways isn't something that just happens.

After enrolling in classes and continuing to practice, I have narrated presentations, and started a couple of books.

Sharing the message of gifted writers and researchers in an audio format is something that I enjoy.

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Sharing the importance of Martial Arts, particularly the Chinese Martial Arts has been a passion for nearly 30 years.  I started Chinese Martial Arts as a path to get to know myself, when my dad had died and many other paths had failed.

The practical applications of Martial Arts to our lives, to our safety and to our understanding of principles, has been extraordinarily helpful for me.

Whether I am teaching a Martial Arts seminar in Seattle, a Tai Chi Class in Fuquay Varina, a Live Meditation Course, or narrating a book on Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, I am motivated by Sharing a Message and Growing from the experience.


Next Steps...

Bring me into one of your upcoming projects.  Whether you want a book narrated, a voice-over for a presentation, or to teach a Martial Arts Seminar in your locale, I would thoroughly enjoy hearing about your ideas and plans.